Watch the second season of Yolaw

YOLAW on TNC season 2 aired from January 28, 2021 to May 27, 2021.  Re-watch the full episodes here. 

In Season 2, Atty. Carlo Ybanez and Atty. Sheilla San Diego continued their signature bantering and discussions while tackling serious issues such as the anti-terror law, anti-hazing law and corruption.  

S2:E12* | Anti Terror Bill

This exciting season-ender tackles the most controversial law passed during Pres. Duterte Administration.

Special Guest:  Atty. Ray Paolo “Arpee” J. Santiago

Executive Director of the Human Rights Center of the Ateneo de Manila University; Co-Chair of the Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court; Secretary General of the Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism; and Council Member of the Alternative Law Groups.

*Episode 31 of Yolaw

S2:E11* | Arestado ka!

This episode talks about unlawful arrests and arbitrary detention. Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla discusses your rights if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation.

*Episode 30 of Yolaw

S2:E10* | Avoiding Debts the Legal Way

Debts must be paid.  But if you find yourself buried in insurmountable debt and need time to replenish, you have to do it the legal way.  Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla talk about debt avoidance in this TNC First Anniversary Special Episode.

*Episode 29 of Yolaw

S2:E9* | I-Baranggay Mo!

This episode talks about everything you need to know about the Katarungang Pambaranggay.  Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla inform us about the legal powers of the Katarungang Baranggay, and what you need to do to file a case at the Baranggay before taking legal action.

*Episode 28 of Yolaw

S2:E8* | Don’t Haze Me!

 Though hazing has been a tradition for fraternities and sororities, it has also sadly taken some lives.  Learn about the details of the Anti-Hazing Law in this episode.

Special Guest:  Atty.  Luis Angel Aseoche

Partner at Chavez Miranda Aseoche Law Office; 2-term President of Triskelions Alumni Inc.; Board of Trustees of Talinio at Galing ng Pilipino (TGP) Party List; President of Rotary Makati.

*Episode 27 of Yolaw

S2:E7* | Understanding the Law on Bouncing Checks

Issuing a bouncing check is a crime.  Learn more about the Batas Pambansa bilang 22 (BP22) also known as the bouncing checks law.  

Special Guest:  Atty. Maggie Abraham Garduque

Managing Partner at Abraham Pimentel & Acuna Law Office.

*Episode 26 of Yolaw

S2:E6* | Acts of Corruption

Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla discusses the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

*Episode 25 of Yolaw

S2:E5* | Ranting about Rent

This episode educates about the rights of the lessee and the lessor in the Philippines.

*Episode 24 of Yolaw

S2:E4* | Reckless Imprudence: Crime without Malice

Can you be convicted of a crime without malice?  Know more about Reckless Imprudence in this episode.

Special Guest:  Atty. Karl Castillo

Partner at Fortun Narvasa and Salazar Law Office and Vocalist of defunct all-lawyer band Reckless Imprudence.

*Episode 23 of Yolaw

S2:E3* | Separate Lives: Understanding Legal Separation

What does it mean to be legally separated from your spouse?  How is it different from annulment?  Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla will help you understand legal separation, and how you can file for one.

*Episode 22 of Yolaw

S2:E2* | I Hate Drugs

Atty Carlo and Atty. Sheilla discusses the Dangerous Drugs Act.

*Episode 21 of Yolaw

S2:E1* | Pride and Prejudice

The second season on Yolaw opens with a discussion on the proposed bill on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression.  Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla gives their opinion on the issues of gender equality as discussed in the bill..

*Episode 20 of Yolaw

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