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YoLaw Season 3 is back on air, streaming live every Thursdays at 8:30pm at The New Channel.


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S3:E35 |  Atleta ng Bayan – Mga Bagong Bayani

Following first Gold Medal of the Philippines in the Summer Olympics, Atty. Carlo and Atty. Sheilla discusses the benefits received by the National Athletes as defined in our laws,

S3:E34 |  How to Create, Organize and Register a Corporation

Atty. Sheilla and Atty. Carlo walks you through the processes and recent developments in creating a corporation in the Philippines.

S3:E33 |  Speak Up:  What you need to know about the Freedom of Speech

Our lawyers discuss our Constitutional Rights, as well as Responsibility, of Freedom of Speech.  

They have a surprise guest who talks about her own experiences in implementing and instilling responsibility in speaking out while promoting freedom of speech.

Season 3 Premier | Small Claims:  How to Collect Debts without even needing a lawyer

The Season 3 of Yolaw starts with a lively and witty discussion about debt collection.

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