Kulitan at Tugtugan with Hey Moonshine

End your week with a virtual drinking session with Hey Moonshine.  Share laughter and discuss anything under the sun.  

Streams live every Fridays at 9pm at the Hey Moonshine FB Page.  

Watch previous episodes here:

EP 08 | Kulitan with Edward and Joan of HIPP Studios

Hey Moonshine emphasizes on the importance of a great sound engineer in creating their signature sound.  Edward and Joan provides great insights stories when partnering with great artists create their own music.

EP 07 | Kulitan at Tugtugan with Whiskey Version

When Hey Moonshine moves the schedule of their weekly live streaming to Saturday to accommodate their guest’s schedule, you know that these guests are well-respected by the band.  Watch Whiskey Version and Hey Moonshine in another fun, interactive e-numan night.

EP 06 | Kulitan at Tugtugan with 806

What makes a good bad name?  Hey Moonshine and 806 give their personal opinions (and personal favorites) on band names.

EP 05 | Kulitan at Tugtugan with Hey Moonshine (Your Favorite Songs)

Hey Moonshine delivers another fun and interactive night as they discuss their favorite songs and their guilty pleasures.  

EP 04 | Kulitan at Tugtuan with Direk Kads Belarmino

Internationally acclaimed and Multi-awarded Film Director Kads Belarmino graces the e-numan session of Hey Moonshine as they talk about movies and music, as well as reminisce the video shoot of We’ll Break This War.

EP 03 | Kulitan at Tugtugan with Switchblade Manila

Hey Moonshine and Switchblade Manila were at their naughtiest and silliest in this e-numan session.

EP 02 | Kulitan with Joey D and Dean Russel

Just a regular tambay night with Hey Moonshine, Joey D and Dean Russel as they talk about music scene then and now.

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