Yolaw is a weekly show of Atty. Carlo Ybanez and Atty. Sheilla San Diego that aims to help you know more about the law.  It discusses the relevant legal issues and lets you understand the provisions with ease and confidence.  It lets you see the pros and cons of the legal matter in a fun and simple way.

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S2 Ep. 3 | Separate Lives: Understanding Legal Separation

What is legal separation and what is its effects? Attys. Sheilla San Diego and Carlo Ybanez will help you understand the concept and enlighten you on the procedure to undergo legal separation.

S2 Ep. 2 | I Hate Drugs: A Discussion about the Dangerous Drugs Act 

Learn the details of the Dangerous Drugs Act as discussed by Attys. Sheilla San Diego and Carlo Ybanez

S2 Ep. 1 | Pride and Prejudice

For the first episode of Season 2, Attys. Carlo Ybanez and Sheilla San Diego will tackle the issue of gender equality, specifically, the proposed bill on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression



What makes a case of rape? What evidence is needed to prove rape? Who are liable for rape and who may file a case of rape?



S1 Ep. 18 | Kwentong Barbero
S1 Ep. 17 | What’s Yours in Mine
The Property Rights Between Husband and Wife
S1 Ep. 16 | Mga Nakaw na Sandali
A discussion on the Law on Theft & Robbery
S1 Ep. 15 | The Law on Sexual Harassment
S1 Ep. 14 | Arestado Ka!
What Makes Arrest Legal
S1 Ep. 13 | How to File A Criminal Case
S1 Ep.12 | I Support You! 
The Legalities of Marital and Child Support on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 11 | In the Land of the Free, Land is Not Free 
The on Sale, Transfer and Inheritance of Land
S1 Ep. 10 | Illegal Dismissal:
What You Need to Know About Termination of Employment on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 9 | Traffic Na Naman:
A Discussion On Traffic Laws and Regulations on YoLAW
S1 Ep. 8 | They Shall Inherit
Succession Rights of Legitimate and Illegitimate Children on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 7 | Thou Shall Not Kill
Understanding the law on murder, homicide and parricide on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 6 | Girl Power
An overview of the Law Against Violence on Women and their Children on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 5 | Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko
Understanding Adultery, Concubinage and Bigamy on YoLaw
S1 Ep. 4 | Scam Alert Part 2
Estafa by Fraudulent Means on YoLaw with Atty. Carlo and Sheilla
S1 Ep. 3 | Estafa by Abuse of Confidence on YoLaw with Atty. Carlo & Atty. Sheilla
S1 Ep. 2 | “I do! Ayyyyy don’t!” on YoLaw with Atty. Carlo Ybañez and Atty. Sheilla San Diego
World Premiere | Labeling Libel on YoLaw with Atty. Carlo & Atty. Sheilla

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