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In an earlier article entitled Light Colored Suits in Court?, I had discussed how I loved wearing these kinds of outfits both inside and outside the courtroom. Here, I will be focusing on one of my favorites — my light blue suit.


I have been saying that I am very fond of colors. Even when I was in law school, I used to wear light colored Barong Tagalogs. Today, I can usually be found wearing bright colored shirts such as pink, orange, yellow and the like. I have a lot of light colored suits.  However, I believe that there is such a thing as too much color. For this reason, I always wear identical colored shirts and neckties under my colored suits. On occasions that I use a pocket square, I also make sure that it is the same color as my shirt and tie. In short, I never wear more than two colors at a time.  This can be seen here when I showcase my light blue suit.


The very first question that one has to ask when choosing a suit is, what color combination would be best? We spend so much time determining what color of the undershirt and tie would look good with our suit.  But I realized that, sometimes, there is really no need to mix and match colors.

On days that I am too tired to wack my brains out in choosing perfect color combination, I usually just go with monochrome.  Yes, you can get away with wearing a monochromatic outfit.  However, I usually make sure that my undershirt and tie is of a different shade (either lighter or darker) than that of my suit.

For this light blue suit, I usually wear a dark blue undershirt with a dark blue necktie under it.


If I do chose to combine colors, I feel that the best and safest mix for my light blue suit (or any light colored suit for that matter) is black.

This is probably because black provides a nice contrast to any bright color.

This is, in fact, my favorite color combination.

Thus, most of the time, I will be wearing a black polo shirt and a black tie under this suit. Then, I get a pair of black shoes and a black belt.

Finally, this suit looks really good with black sunglasses.

Then, I will definitely be black and blue.


They say real men wear pink. If that’s true than I’m an alpha male. I am very fond of wearing pink. Back in law school, I use to wear a pink Barong Tagalog. I have pink shirts, pants, jerseys and even a pink belt.

I usually wear a dark colored shirt under my light blue suit.  I believe in the beauty of contrast.  It was not until lately that I discovered that this outfit also looks great with pink.

It happened one day when I could not find anything dark to wear underneath this light blue suit.  Hence, I tried wearing it with pink.  To my surprise, it worked.  A pink polo shirt and pink tie goes well with this light blue suit.


The nice thing about this light blue suit is that I can wear it both for formal occasions and in casual ones. After office, I can simply remove my tie, untuck my shirt, put on a pair of sneakers and I’m good to go.

I can also get rugged on this outfit.  Sometimes, I just wear the light blue coat with jeans and rubber shoes.  I already appeared in several clubs wearing such and outfit.

In fact, I even played in a gig once wearing the coat over a plain black t-shirt and with black jeans.  I was sweating like hell but I didn’t care.  As long as I looked good.

Anyway, what I want to say is that this outfit is as versatile as it gets.


Now, many of you lawyers out there might be wondering if this suit is allowed in court. Well, based on experience, the answer is in the affirmative. I have already tried wearing it numerous times for court appearances and nobody had taken any issue on this outfit. I must emphasize, however, that in all these court appearances, I have always worn the black and blue combination. I have not yet appeared in court with any other color combination. Pretty soon, however, I plan to enter the courtroom wearing this blue suit with the pink or the blue combination.

Light Blue Suit tailor made by Exclusively His

“Monochromatic Outfit” photo by Atty. Ken Tiu

All other photos by Don Carlo Ybanez (Yes. I took photos of myself using a tripod and a remote clicker icon-smile-o ) 

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